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Black Tourmaline

Birthstone Month – October

Black Tourmaline is known for getting rid of negative energies. It represents purification and the cleansing of the emotional body.

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Blue Lace Agate

Birthstone Month – May
This is a stone that not only looks beautiful but also holds a subtle but powerful energy. It’s a stunning gemstone that is said to bring you to a higher state of consciousness.

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Blue Topaz

Birthstone Month – November.
When worn topaz was once believed to drive away sadness and strengthen intellect. Topaz is associated with loyalty, friendship, and faithfulness therefore often given as a gift.

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Bridesmaids Gifts

For those of you with your big day coming up, we have a little wedding present for you. The discount code BRIDESMAIDS will deduct 15% when purchasing three or more matching items for your dream team.

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Many of our items are detachable to give your style flexibility.

Detach drops from our Huggies or studs to give you a different look. We sell the drops separately so you can continually add to your collection.

We love jewellery with possibilities

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Green Onyx

Birthstone Month – July
 Mystics and holistic healers believe that Onyx increases regeneration, intuition, instincts and happiness.

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