Suicide&Co - Coco & Kinney


We’ve partnered with a brilliant, newly registered charity Suicide&Co, set up to support those bereaved by suicide. We believe in their mission and want to help them raise awareness and fundraise so that they can provide bereaved individuals with counselling.

Suicide-related grief can feel very isolating, which is something Suicide&Co actively want to change. We’ve created a range of bracelets with them to act as a reminder that you always have company: a support network behind you. Suicide&Co also believe in the power of talking and want to open the conversation around suicide and help lessen the stigma, so we also hope these bracelets act as a conversation starter!

Currently the bracelets are being sold through the Suicide&Co website. Follow link to purchase:

All profits go directly to Suicide&Co so please do support this worthy cause.

To find out more visit them at or on Instagram @suicideandco