Venetia & Emma want you to have as much fun wearing their designs as they have had making them!


& meet Coco & Kinney

Coco & Kinney fills a gap in the market for modern, stylish and wearable jewellery. Coco & Kinney has a variety of pieces, from the very practical and low-key, to jewels that make more of a vibrant fashion statement, with the gems sourced on Venetia and Emma's travels in Thailand and India.

All Coco & Kinney jewellery is of high quality and uses real stones. Many of the· items are detachable, interchangeable or reversible, allowing flexibility in how you wear them. As a team the girls' individual talents and strong friendship keeps the Coco & Kinney brand young and fun, pushing the boundaries of tradition and style.

The company constantly updates and refreshes its collections so you can always come back for more!

& meet the designers

Founders Venetia and Emma became close friends while working for a London jewellery company where they learned the mechanics of running a business specialising in jewellery and design. After leaving university Venetia moved to Paris where, surrounded by French style, her eye for design and creativity blossomed. On returning to London she immersed herself in the fashion world for five years, gaining experience in the practical side of merchandising and retailing, to compliment her passion for jewellery design.

Emma modelled with Elite London for six years, gaining experience at the front line of fashion. She now devotes herself to jewellery, refining her talents with silversmith and design courses. Emma uses her wealth of experience to ensure her jewellery designs are always chic and fashionable.